What is the Stretta Procedure?

Stretta is a non-surgical outpatient procedure option for patients with GERD who are not getting complete relief from medication or who have had anti-reflux/bariatric surgery and are still experiencing GERD symptoms. During the procedure a Stretta device travels through the mouth, down the LES (muscles between the stomach and esophagus). Once in place, it delivers radiofrequency energy to the muscle. This regenerates the tissue, resulting in improved barrier function that may prevent reflux and reduce GERD symptoms.

Why Choose Gastro Health?

Dedicated to providing patients with the latest technology for GERD management, our team has carefully researched and selected a series GERD treatments and procedures to provide our patients, safe, effective and sustainable GERD treatment options in a private, comfortable outpatient setting.

Benefits & Risks

The Stretta procedure can give patients relief from their GERD symptoms. The majority of patients that have had this procedure can experience relief for up to 10 years. In clinical trials, 9 out of 10 patients were satisfied with their results. 

As with any treatment or procedure, side effects may occur. Some possible side effects include gas, bloating, pain, discomfort, adverse reaction to anesthesia, gastroparesis or irritation/ injury of the throat from the Stretta tube.

What to Expect

You will be given specific instructions to prepare for your procedure. The Stretta procedure typically takes less than 60 minutes to perform in an outpatient setting. If you have any questions, please call your Gastro Health care center.