Patients, Referring Physicians and Teammates, recently, Gastro Health unveiled a new logo and color scheme.

You may be wondering, why the change?

Question: Why did the logo change?

Answer: Changing our logo was not a decision that was taken lightly. Our current logo has served us well, however, in an effort to more meaningfully engage with our patients, we saw an opportunity for the logo to be a visual reminder of the importance of your gastroenterological healthcare.

Question: Why is there a checkmark in the logo?

Answer: There is a checkmark in the new logo because of our patients.
The checkmark is a visual statement of getting things done and functions as a call to action to motivate patients to complete the task of prevention by scheduling life-saving screenings and follow-up procedures. It articulates the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps toward your optimal health in partnership with your physician and Gastro Health.

Question: Will anything be different at my Gastro Health practice?

Answer: Other than seeing a new logo on signs, printed material, uniforms and lab coats, everything will stay exactly the same. You will continue to work with the same trusted physicians, allied health professionals and staff as you have in the past.