James Leavitt, MD, FACGJames S. Leavitt, MD, FACG, recently spoke with Healio.com on about how long-term consolidation efforts drive continuous growth. As a founder of Gastro Health, Dr. Leavitt speaks from personal experience on how the group went from the original six physicians to 13 and the explosion of growth from there. He discusses the group's decision to create ancillary service lines and the ultimate decision to partner with private equity.

Throughout everything, Dr. Leavitt's mission has always been to put patients first. "It is imperative that physicians lead health care reform. We are the best advocates for our patients. Without significant provider consolidation, it will be extremely difficult to fulfill that obligation. There are many paths to consolidation. For us, this has been a winning approach," he said.

"But it is the consolidation process — not just growing bigger but growing better with capabilities that will allow us to survive and thrive in the future — that we believe is the motivation for further provider consolidation."

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