A colon cancer screening can be scary - not just because the disease is scary but also because you may not know what to expect during the procedure. At Gastro Health in Seattle, WA, we do what we can to ensure that you're comfortable and at ease. Learn more about our colon cancer testing procedure and how we can help you below.

How It Works

We perform a colonoscopy for our colon cancer screenings. This is a safe, effective procedure that can help the doctor diagnose you. During the procedure, the doctor can also take a biopsy or remove any polyps so you won't need to have another colonoscopy procedure afterward.

Before your screening, you'll need to adhere to the prep instructions and a special diet. On the day of, you'll be sedated so you can stay comfortable. The procedure itself should only take 30 to 45 minutes, so you'll be able to have someone drive you home that day. You'll also be able to resume your regular diet after the discomfort from the procedure disappears, typically that same day.

Why It's Important

A colonoscopy screening can save your life. The American Cancer Society recommends that everyone of every gender get a colon cancer screening after they turn 45 years old, but you may need to get screened sooner if you have a family history. Symptoms don't show until the cancer has progressed, so an early screening is important.

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