At Gastro Health in Columbia, MD, we treat a number of different digestive health issues, not the least of which is colon cancer. If you are worried about this disease because you've noticed some symptoms or you just want to follow the American Cancer Society's recommendation of getting screened at 45 years old, contact us about our colon cancer testing.

Get Diagnosed Quickly

Because we offer fast-track colonoscopies, we can also test you without the initial consultation that many medical centers require. If you've just had your 45th birthday or you are experiencing the symptoms of colon cancer, such as persistent bowel issues, rectal bleeding, or the feeling that your bowel won't empty completely, you can simply schedule a procedure.

This can save you money because you won't need to pay for multiple visits to the doctor's office, and you also won't need to sacrifice as much of your time before you get a diagnosis. We'll also be able to get you your results faster because you can receive them after your very first visit to our office rather than after the consultation and the procedure.

To learn more, schedule a colon cancer screening appointment today or call us at 410-992-9797.