Colon cancer may be something you've never thought about before, or you may have ruminated on it for several years before deciding to get a colon cancer screening. If you're past the age of 45 or you have a history of colon cancer in your family, colon cancer testing is a good idea for you regardless. Learn more about colon cancer and why you should get an exam at our Cincinnati, OH, office as soon as possible.

About Colon Cancer

Like any cancer, colon cancer has four stages, as well as a stage zero. These stages can determine the likelihood that treatment will work, though that probability also depends on if the cancer is high-grade or low-grade.

At Gastro Health, we offer full digestive system care, so we can be there for you from the initial diagnosis, through treatment, and into remission. Because we offer fast-track colonoscopies, we can catch any cancer on your first visit to our clinic and start treating it sooner rather than later.

Fast action is important because by the time colon cancer presents symptoms, the disease has progressed. Get screened quickly so you can be treated before the problem spreads to a point where treatment is less effective.

Schedule an appointment today so you can get a colon cancer screening right away.