Comfort and Care for Endoscopic Procedures

Gastro Health physicians perform a wide range of endoscopic procedures varying from gastroscopies and colonoscopies to more complex endoscopic ultrasounds of internal organs. The use of these procedures is increasing in South Florida and worldwide. While the thought of these procedures may seem unpleasant, be assured that your experience will not be thanks to the anesthetic care you will receive with Galloway Anesthesia Associates.

High quality procedural sedation is very important for GI procedures. Patient comfort allows for a more thorough examination of the GI tract and allows for ease of necessary interventions.
Every anesthetic is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. Physiologic disease processes such as heart and lung disease along with psychological and emotional needs such as procedural anxiety are all addressed.

Your excellent anesthesia care begins in the preoperative area where a thorough interview and assessment helps determine your specific anesthetic needs. Although some questions may overlap with others you have recently answered, rest assured that these questions are very important to your care. Your health issues, recent medical testing and a review of your current medications and allergies are vital to choosing the best anesthetic plan for you.

Intraprocedural care includes continual monitoring and administration of an IV sedative by our highly trained, professional anesthesia staff throughout the procedure. Our most popular and most recognized sedative is Propofol. While other anesthetic agents are available, the pharmacological properties of Propofol make it safe and widely used for GI procedures. The rapid onset of sedation and short duration of effect lead to increased patient comfort for the duration of the procedure and quick awakening in recovery afterwards. This provides for a high level of safety and patient satisfaction while allowing for a more thorough and comfortable examination.

As a patient, you can help ensure your safety during a procedure by closely following the instructions given by your GI doctor and his staff. The importance of remaining without any food or liquids before the procedure for the specified time is vital. Please remember that the anesthesia staff is always available to address any concerns you may have.

Simply reach out to your doctor’s office staff. They can refer you to the anesthesia providers at your scheduled facility. We are available before and after your procedure to answer any questions you may have. As always, Gastro Health remains committed to providing outstanding medical care and an exceptional healthcare experience.