What is AspireAssist?

The AspireAssist is a new, FDA approved weight loss solution for people with obesity. Unlike many other weight loss procedures, this is non-surgical and reversable. The AspireAssist tube is placed during a 15 minute, minimally invasive procedure that is very similar to the routine placement of a feeding tube. Most patients can return home within one to two hours after the procedure. With the AspireAssist, you can eat normal, healthy meals. After meals the device lets you remove up to a third of the food you eat through the tube placed during your procedure.  

If diet and exercise did not help your lose weight in the past, the AspireAssist could be an option for you. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Talk to your doctor to see if you qualify.  

Why Choose Gastro Health?

Dedicated to providing patients with the latest technology for weight management, our team carefully researched and selected AspireAssist to provide our patients, safe, effective, and sustainable weight-loss options in a private, comfortable outpatient setting.  

Benefits & Risks

This non-invasive technique is performed to help patients lose weight while still being able to enjoy regular, healthy meals with friend and family. This procedure is also reversible if needed.  

Side effects include abdominal discomfort after the procedure and skin irritation around the button site. Other unlikely risk includes infection and ulceration. 

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