• Pediatric Gastroenterology

    Our pediatric gastroenterologists are trained to treat a wide range of conditions and many of our doctors are subspecialized in specific areas


Gastro Health offers exceptional pediatric care at two convenient locations near you. We treat all gastro conditions in children of every age. Our board certified physicians provide expert care for chronic conditions, such as:

•       Acute and Chronic Liver Disorders
•       Celiac Disease
•       Crohn’s Disease
•       Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
•       Lactose Intolerance
•       Ulcerative Colitis

We perform a wide range of procedures, including:

•       Anorectal Manometry
•       Anti-Reflux Mucosectomy
•       Bravo
•       Colonoscopy
•       Dilation
•       Esophageal Motility Study
•       Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
•       GJ Tube Replacement

•       Hemotate C Procedures
•       Infusion
•       Liver Biopsy
•       Nutrition
•       Peg Placement
•       Proctosigmoidoscopy
•       Schlerotherapy
•       Upper Endoscopy

At Gastro Health, we know how challenging it can be to treat little ones, especially those who don’t feel well. That’s why our physicians approach each patient, and their families, with a kind, caring attitude. Additionally, each of our office locations is designed to provide a warm and comfortable setting that puts children at ease so they can feel better, faster.


Visit one of these
locations nearest you:

BOCA RATON – Palm Beach County
9980 Central Park N. Blvd., Suite 316
Boca Raton, Florida 33428

WELLINGTON – Palm Beach County
1157 South State Road 7
Wellington, Florida 33141