Cleansing for Colonoscopies Just Got Easier

According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women in the United States. In fact, colon cancer causes 50,000 deaths each year. However, at least 60% of these deaths could be prevented if every adult received proper screening.

Traditionally, patients who are scheduled for a colonoscopy will be asked to go on a liquid diet 1-3 days prior to the test. They may be asked to drink a laxative powder or take a pill to cleanse their bowels, which causes diarrhea, making it an uncomfortable process that can impact their daily activities.

Gastro Health knows that being able to conduct same day prep can help avoid these discomforts. It can also encourage people who have avoided colonoscopies in the past because they did not want to undergo the traditional preparations for this life-saving procedure.

Fortunately, Gastro Health is now offering the HyGleaCare® prep to prepare patients for colonoscopies at their HyGIeaCare Center. This new office will be adjacent to the Gastro Health Endoscopy Center at 7800 S.W. 87th Avenue in Miami, Florida.

HyGleaCare will replace conventional preps and effectively cleanses the bowel using a gentle infusion of warm, gravity-flow filtered water. This means patients may forgo many of the elements that make traditional bowel prep inconvenient and uncomfortable, and can now experience simple, easy bowel prep for their scheduled colonoscopy.

“A good bowel prep is the first step in a colonoscopy screening that can detect potential cancer risks and prevent colon cancer,” added Dr. James Leavitt, President/Co-Founder of Gastro Health. “This is why we have partnered with HyGIeaCare to prep our patients. Our patients will now be able to prepare comfortably for their colonoscopy in a safe, private and hygienic environment at the HyGIeaCare Center – without a sleepless night and without having to repeatedly run to the bathroom”.

“Our team is excited about the opportunity to prep patients for colonoscopies at the new HyGIeaCare Center that we have established together with Gastro Health in Miami,” said Gavriel Meron, Chairman and CEO of HyGIeaCare, Inc.


At the Gastro Health HyGIeaCare Center, the prep will be performed in a clean and comfortable environment. A trained tech will lead the patient to a private room where he or she is seated on an ergonomic basin. The tech walks the patient through the procedure, which routinely takes less than one hour. A small, sterile, disposable nozzle is lubricated and inserted about an inch into the rectum and a gentle stream of warm water flows into the bowel, loosening stool and causing the intestines to contract allowing for the comfortable, odorless and discreet evacuation of the colon. Water continues to gently flow until the tech determines the colon has been sufficiently cleansed.

The HyGIeaCare Prep replaces traditional preparation for colonoscopy screening and is performed on the same day as the procedure. It is safe, simple, comfortable and preferred over the oral preparation process.

For more information on the HyGleaCare prep available for Gastro Health patients, visit

Risk Factors for Colon Cancer

Current guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force state people age 50 and older with average risk factors should receive an initial colonoscopy followed by additional colonoscopies every 10 years or more, depending on the findings from the initial screening. Patients who are considered high risk for colon cancer should talk to a doctor to determine if they may need to be screened earlier than age 50.

Certain factors can increase your risk for colon cancer including:

• Being age 50 or older
• A family history of colon and rectal cancer
• History of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s Disease
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Physical inactivity